541. Identify the factors which decrease the effect of Oral anticoagulants_______________?

A. Pregnancy
B. Nephrotic syndorme
C. Newborn
D. Liver disease
E. Both A & B

542. The highest risk associated with use of oral contraceptives in________________?

A. Hepatic necrosis
B. Permanent sterility
C. Thromboembolic disorders
D. Cancer of breast

543. Which of the following drugs is not hypoglycemic?

A. Ethosuxinide
B. Tolbutamide
C. Glibenclamide
D. Gluengon

544. Steroids________________?

A. Steroids reduce the rate of repair of tissues thus delays the healing
B. Exacerbate the inflammatory response
C. Can be safely given to immunocompromised patients
D. Indicated in oral thrush

545. Which of the following is a vosoconstrictor______________?

A. Bupivacaine
B. Procaine
C. Lidocaine
D. None of the above

546. Warfarin therapy is prolonged by all except______________?

A. Rifampicin
B. Amoxycillin
C. Erythromycin
D. Tetracycline

547. Excessive bleeding due to heparin overdose is controlled by______________?

A. Protamine sultate
B. Vitamin K
C. Factor VIII

548. If patient is given Noradrenaline what will happen_______________?

A. Cause increase in B.P, due to its action on Beta receptors only
B. Cause decrease in B.P, due to its action on Alpha receptors only
C. Cause decrease in cardiac output and relax bradycardia
D. None of the above

549. Rebound phenomenon is most commonly seen with use of_________________?

A. Epinephrine
B. Norepinephrine
C. Phenyleprine
D. Leuonordefrin

550. The anticogulant of choice during pregnancy is______________?

A. Warfarin sodium
B. Sodium oxalate
C. Heparin
D. Phenindone