1021. Clonidine is _______________.

A. a2 agonist *
B. a1 antagonist
C. a+B antgonist
D. B1 agonist

1022. Which of the following is not antidepress ant?

A. Amytriptyline
B. Fluoxetin
C. Pimozide *
D. Trazodone

1023. Not effective against pseudomonas is__________.

A. Cefotaxime
B. Ceftazidine
C. Cefachlor *
D. Certriaxone

1024. Pigmentation and icthyosis are side effects of ___________.

A. Clofazimine *
B. Rifamicin
C. Minocycline
D. Dapsone

1025. Drug contraindicated in pregnancy is _____________.

A. Penicillin
B. Cephalexin
C. Tetracycline *
D. Erythromycin

1026. Mechanism of action of pralidoxime is ________________-.

A. Competitive inhibitor of acetyl-choline
B. Reactivates Cholinesterase *
C. Promotes lydrolysis of acetyl-choline

1027. Anty hpertensive without central action is _____________.

A. Methyl Dopa
B. Indapamide *
C. Clonidine
D. Propranolol

1028. Nitrate in angina have all the following action except_____________.

A. Decrease preload *
B. Decrease cardiac O2 consumption
C. Decrease preload and after load
D. Redistributon of blood flow to endocardium.

1029. The most phototoxic quinolone is _______.

A. Ofloxocin
B. Pefloxocin *
C. Ciprofloxocin
D. Norfloxocin

1030. Neuro Psychiatric side effect is seen with ________________.

A. Ethosuximide
B. Cycloserine *
C. Pyrazinamide
D. Rifampicin