1071. Side effect of Quinolone are all except___________.

A. Teratogenic
B. Arthopathy
C. Increased theophyllin toxicity
D. Arrtythmia *

1072. B1 seclective agonist is _______________.

A. Alebuterol
B. Terbutaline
C. Dopamine *
D. Isoetharine.

1073. All are true of nitrates except____________.

A. Release- No
B. Cause vasoldilatation
C. Decrease A-V Conduction *
D. Hight first pass metabolism.

1074. selegiline is a selective inhibitor of __________.

B. MAO-B *
C. Dopamine
D. Gaba

1075. Selective a1 blocker is ____________.

A. Prazosin
B. Temazosin
C. Tamsulosin *
D. Terazocin

1076. All are B1 selective blocker except_____________.

A. Aentinolol
B. Metoprolol
C. Labetalol *
D. Betaxolol

1077. Therapetic indications bromocriptin are all except____________.

A. Suspension of lactation
B. Acromegaly
C. Hepatic coma
D. Dwarifism *

1078. Drug with zero order kinetic is _________________.

A. Ethyl alcohol *
B. Methyl alcohol
C. Propranolol
D. Ethyl Chloride

1079. Cardio selective betablockers are all except______________.

A. Practolol *
B. Metoprolol
C. Atenolol
D. Acebutolol

1080. Primary actions of digitalis are all except________________.

A. Increased cardiac output
B. Decreased heart size
C. Increased heart rate *
D. Decreased peripheral resistance.