511. Short-acting non-depolarising muscle relaxant is________________?

A. Succinylcholine
B. Pancuronium
C. Mivacurum
D. Decamethonium

512. Succinylcholine prevents bronchospasm by______________?

A. Depolarising block
B. Direct muscle relaxation
C. Centrally acting muscle relaxation
D. Dual action

513. Fellypressin is a_______________?

A. Vaso dilator
B. Vaso constrictor
C. Neuroleptic
D. Anti coagulant

514. Which of the following is NOT an important/frequent/well-known manifestation of an adverse drug reaction ?

A. Agranulocytosis
B. Aplastic anaemia
C. Aaemolysis
D. Leukaemia

515. The drug which is contraindicated in haemophilla is_________________?

A. Aspirin
B. Penicillinium
C. Amino epsilon caproic acid
D. Dipheny 1 hydantoin

516. Which of the following is a peripherally acting muscle relaxant______________?

A. Chlorozoxazone
B. Methocarbomol
C. Succinyl choline
D. Cortisopradol

517. Triflusal is a___________________?

A. Anti-inflaqmmatory drug
B. Antibiotic
C. Anti-arthritic drug
D. Antiplatelet drug

518. Agents/Drugs which help in rapid coagulation of Blood_______________?

A. Astrigents
B. Styptics
C. Haemostatics
D. All of the above

519. In which of the following categories are ephedrine, tyramine and emphetamine classified________________?

A. Anticholinesterases
B. Alpha-adrenergic blocking agents
C. Indirect acting sympathomimetics
D. Direct acting sympathomimetics

520. Scopolamine helps in________________?

A. Motion sickness
B. Hypertension
C. Decreased secretions
D. A & C


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