1061. All are side effects of amiodarone except_____________.

A. Pulmonary fibrosis
B. Corneal deposit
C. Thyroid Dysfunction
D Osteoporosis. *

1062. The ERP is reduced by ______________.

A. Amiodaron
B. Procainamide
C. lignocine *
D. Sotalol.

1063. Granesterone is antiemetic due to blockade of ________________.

A. Opioid receptor
B. 5 HT *
C. Dopamine
D. All of the above

1064. Neostigmine does not cross blood brain barrior due to its________________.

A. Primary structure
B. Secondary structure
C. Tertiary structure
D. Quaternary structure *

1065. The most potent broncho constrictor is ______________.

A. Acetylcholine
B. Methacholine
C. Leukotriene *
D. Histamine.

1066. The betablocker with shortest plasma half life is _____________.

A. Antenolol
B. Metaprolol
C. Sotalol
D. Esmolol *

1067. Drug of choice is SVT is___________________.

A. Adenosine *
B. Digoxin
C. Propranolol
D. Verpamil.

1068. Shortest acting neuro muscular blocking agent is ___________.

A. Atracurium
B. Vecuronium
C. Mivacurium *
D. Pancuronium.

1069. Clonidine is ________.

A. a1 agonist
B. a2 agonist *
C. a1 antagonist
D. a2 antagonist.

1070. Flumazenil is _________________.

A. Benzodiazepine agonist
B. Benzodiazepine antagonist *
C. Opiate antagonist
D. Adrenergic blocking agent.