581.Regarding erythromycin
A.It has a large cross reactivity with penicillin
B.It is bacteriostatic only
C.It is ineffective against gram positive organisms
D.It is inactivated by β-lactamases
E.It binds the 50S subunit on the bacterial ribosome

582.Metronidazole, which is false
A.it is useful against trichomonis
B.it is used to treat gardnerella
C.causes a metallic taste in the mouth
D.inhibits alcohol dehydrogenase
E.it is used to treat giardiasis

583.Which skin antiseptic is commonly used
A.ethyl alcohol 70%
B.ethanol 30%
C.isopropyl alcohol 10%
E.boric acid 5%

584.Acyclovir is active against all except
C.Herpes zoster
E.None of the above

A.is a de-fluorinated analogue of nalidixic acid
B.inhibits tropoisomerase II and III
C.has no gram positive cover
D.has a bioavailability of 30%
E.may cause an arthropathy

586.Resistance to β-lactams
A.can be due to an efflux pump
B.is most commonly due to modification of the targets PBPs
C.does not involve impaired penetration of drug to target PBPs
D.infers resistance only to penicillins
E.can involve up to 5 different β-lactamases

587.Ribosomal resistance occurs with

588.With regard to penicillin
A.penicillins inhibit protein synthesis
B.it inhibits cell membrane function
C.probenecid is a uricosuric drug that increases penicillin excretion
D.penicillin G is a semi-synthetic penicillin
E.penicillamine is a metabolite of penicillin

A.Have a β-lactam ring
B.Are DNA gyrase inhibitors
C.Have good oral absorption but high first pass metabolism
D.Normally reach high CSF concentrations
E.Can produce neuromuscular blockade

A.Have enhanced activity at acidic pH
B.Have little activity against legionella
C.Have half lives that increase with anuria
D.Induce cytochrome p450
E.Are contraindicated in neonates