831.Regarding Ca channel blockers
A.not all are active when given orally
B.most have half lives of 8-12 hours
C.mechanism of action is the blockage of voltage dependent L-type Ca channels
D.they do not affect bronchiolar smooth muscle
E.dihydropyridines typically cause bradycardia

832.With regard to non-depolarising neuromuscular blockers
A.pancuronium is eliminated via the kidneys
B.Rocuroniumis an isoquinolone derivative
C.Rocuroniumundergoes Hoffman elimination
D.vecuronium is eliminated predominantly via the kidneys
E.atracuronium is eliminatedvia plasma pseudocholinesterases

833.Regarding opioids
A.neonates have a BBB for opioids
B.at the spinal level, only the receptors contribute to analgesia
C.the most reliable indicator of respiratory depression is a depressed response to CO2challenge
D.tolerance develops with miosis
E.people with Addison’shave a normal response to opioids

834.Local anaesthetic agents
A.Are primarily K channel blockers
B.Prevent repolarisation of the membrane
C.Can be used with a vasodilator to prolong action
D.Activity is enhanced in high K environments
E.Activity is enhanced by high Ca environments

835.Toxicity of nicotine containing products
A.May result in neuromuscular blockade best treated with atropine
B.Usually causes hypotension
C.Will have no effect on the foetus
D.Can be symptomatically controlled with benzodiazepines
E.Will result in several days of nausea and vomiting

836.The following are S/E for SSRI except
B.Weight gain
C.Sexual dysfunction
E.GI symptoms

837.Regarding the treatment of status epilepticus
A.Phenytoin is useful in status for sedating as well as anticonvulsant activity
B.Phenytoin may be diluted with both saline and dextrose
C.The effect of diazepam is long lasting
D.Respiratory depression is a common complication of phenobarbitone
E.Administration of phenytoin should be kept at a minimum rate of 50mg/min

A.enhances sodium channel conductance
B.causes seizure in overdose
C.inhibits cytochrome p450
D.it is not a tricyclic
E.has active metabolites

839.What do kappa receptors mediate
A.supraspinal analgesic euphoria
B.truncal rigidity
C.hallucinations, dysphoria
D.respiratory depression, dependence
E.spinal analgesia, miosis

840.Which is true of neuromuscular blockers
A.Gentamicin increases their efficacy
B.Gallium is eliminated by the liver
C.Vecuronium is an isoquinolone derivative
D.Atracuronium causes hypotension in volume depleted people
E.Pancuronium causes histamine release