301. Ipratropium bromide is used for_____________?

A. Renal colic
B. Organophosphorus poisoning
C. Bronchial asthma
D. miosis

302. Which one of the following is Not true of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor____________?

A. May cause hyperkalaemia in diabetic patients
B. Contraindicated in pregnancy
C. Contraindicated in diabetic nephropathy
D. NSAIDs may impair its hypotensive effect

303. Long acting beta – 2 agonist ?

A. Albuterol
B. Salmeterol
C. Pirlbuterol
D. Orciprenaline

304. Which one of the following drugs is most commonly employed in an attack of angina pectoris ?

A. Sodium nitrate
B. Epinephrine
C. Nitroglycerina
D. Isosorbide dinitrate

305. Following inhibits Cytochrome P450_____________?

A. Cimetidine
B. Famotidine
C. Ranitidine
D. All of the above

306. Which of the following is an ACE inhibitor ?

A. Saralosin
B. Diltiazem
C. Coptopril
D. Spirino lactone

307. Omeprazol is used in the treatment of____________?

A. Peptic Ulcer
B. Amoebiasis
C. Malaria
D. cholera

308. Doalin pectrose is_____________?

A. Mummifying agent
B. Anticoagulant
C. Counter irritant
D. Anti diarroheal

309. Omeprazole is a_____________?

A. Antihistamine
B. Proton pump inhibitor
C. Ulcer protective
D. Ulcer healing drug

310. Each of the following is correct for the treatment of Diarrhoea except_______________?

A. Kaolin has marginal therapeutic effect
B. Opioids delay the passage of gut contents by decreasing peristalsis and increasing intestinal segmentation
C. Loperamide had high abuse potential
D. Diphenoxylate may cause respiratory depression on administration