1031. Drug that increases Gaba Level in brain is __________________.

A. Valproate
B. Carbamazepine *
C. Phenobarb
D. Diazepam

1032. Megaloblastic anaemia is a consequence of all except______________.

A. Pyrimethamine
B. Trimethaoprim
C. Carbamazepine *
D. Methotrexate

1033. Preferential arteriolar dilation is by all except______________.

A. Hydralazine
B. Minoxidil
C. Nitorpruside *
D. Diazoxide

1034. Treatment of digitalis toxicity include all except_______________.

A. Dialysis *
B. Potassium
C. Phenytoin
D. Lidocaine.

1035. Toxicity of difitalis is accentuated by all except__________.

A. low Potassium
B. low Calcium *
C. Low Magnesium
D. Hypothyrodism

1036. Penicilling mostly implicated interstitial nephritis is _______________.

A. Ampicillin
B. Amoxycillin
C. Methicillin *
D. Carbenicillin

1037. Betablocker with leaset entry into CNS is ______________.

A. Aetinolol *
B. Esmolol
C. Sotalol
D. Propronolol

1038. Betablocker is not used in __________________.

A. Glaucoma
B. Thyrotoxicosis
C. Variant angina *
D. Mild hypertension

1039. Carbamazepine is used in all except______________.

A. Alcohol withdrawal
B. Mania
C. Schizophrenia *
D. Trigeminal neuralgia

1040. Drug of choice for cholera prophylaxis is ____________.

A. Minocycline
B. Doxycycline *
C. Quinolone
D. Chloramphenicol