451. The aminoglycoside with least toxic effect is_____________?

A. Ethambutol
B. Isoniazid
C. Streptomycin
D. Kanamycin

452. Drug which is most unsafe during pregnancy is____________?

A. Ethambutol
B. Streptomycin
C. Kanamycin
D. B & C

453. Tetracycline in children causes____________?

A. Calcification
B. Missing teeth
C. Discolored teeth
D. Peg teeth

454. Tetracycline is more preferred in periodontics because______________?

A. It is broad spectrum antibiotic
B. It has anticollagenolytic effect
C. All of the above
D. None of the above

455. The most serious side effect of drug chloramp henicol is______________?

A. Candidiasis
B. Photosensitivity
C. Bone marrow depression
D. Angioneurotic oedema

456. Which of the following drug control lepramin reaction____________?

A. Dapsone
B. Streptomycin
C. Clofazimine
D. Ethambutol

457. Oral contraceptive failure occurs in a patient on Rifampicin because of____________?

A. Rifampicin induce the metabolism of contra ceptive
B. Rifampicin simulates gonadotropin relase from pituitary
C. Rifampicin decrease the secretion of progestin
D. Rifampicin antagonize the action of oral contraceptive

458. Optic neuritis is a side effect of______________?

A. Rifampicin
C. Pyrazinamide
D. Ethambutol

459. Among the drugs given below, which is LEAST likely to be implicated in drug induced hepatitis ?

A. Isoniazid
B. Streptomycin
C. Ripampicin
D. Pyrazinamide

460. Which of the following is caused by Amphotericin B____________?

A. Hypo Kalemia
B. Hyperkalemia
C. Hypermagnesemia
D. Hyponatremia