361. Povidine iodine is used for_____________?

A. Burns
B. Tinea
C. Non-specific vaginitis
D. All of the above

362. B-lactam antibiotics are_____________?

A. Penicillin
B. Imipenem
C. Cephalosporins
D. All of the above

363. Disseminated candidiasis requires intensive therapy with_____________?

A. Nystatin
B. Amphotericin
C. Interferons
D. Thiobendazole

364. The administration of penicillin G along with probenicid result in_____________?

A. Increased excretion of probenacid in the feaces and perspiration
B. Increased excretion of probenacid in urine
C. Increased metabolis of penciling G
D. Decreased renal excretion of penciling G

365. All of the following drugs are components of the MOPP cancer Chemotherapy regimen EXCEPT______________?

A. Procarbazine
B. Vincristine
C. Mechlorethamine
D. Methotrexate

366. Which one of the following drugs is an antipseudomonal penicillin ?

A. Cephalexin
B. Cloxacillin
C. Piperacillin
D. Dictoxacillin

367. Cephalosporin active against pseudomonas aeruginosa______________?

A. Cefoperazone
B. Cefaclor
C. Ceftriaxone
D. Cefotaxime

368. All of the following are topically used sulphonamides except____________?

A. Suphacetamide
B. Sulphadiazine
C. Silversulphadiazine
D. Mafenide

369. One of the following is not penicillinase susceptible______________?

A. Amoxicillin
B. Penicillin G
C. Piperacillin
D. Cloxacillin

370. All of the following antibacterial agents acts by inhibiting cell wall systhesis except________________?

A. Carbapenems
B. Monobactams
C. Cephamycins
D. Nitrofurantoins