531. Dry mouth during antidepressant therapy is caused by blockade of______________?

A. Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors
B. Serotonergic receptors
C. Dopaminergic receptors
D. GABA receptors

532. A person with glaucoma should not receive________________?

A. Sedatives
B. Vasoconstrictors
C. Antisialogogues
D. Local anaesthetic

533. Bleeding from the oral mucosa can be reduced by topical use of_______________?

A. Epinephrine
B. Lidnocaine
C. Hydrocortisone
D. Dicoumarol

534. various insulin preparations useful in the treatment of diabetes mellitus differ primarily in______________?

A. Focus of action
B. Onset and duration of action
C. Mode of biotransformation
D. None of the above

535. Curare poisoning is characterised by________________?

A. Hypertension
B. Hypotension
C. Doesn’t release histamine
D. Oral route of administration is the best route

536. Which of the following drugs is used to treat both diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus_____________?

A. Chlorpropamide
B. Glibenclamide
C. Glicazide
D. Glipizide

537. Which of the following synthetic sterioid shows predominantly mineralocorticoid action ?

A. Hydrocortisone
B. Spironolactone
C. Dexamethsone
D. Fludrocortisone

538. All of the following are endogenous corticosteriods released by all adrenal cortex EXCEPT______________?

A. Cortisol
B. Cortisone
C. Dexamethsone
D. Aldosterone

539. Therapeutic uses of a – adrenoceptor blockers include all of the following EXCEPT______________?

A. Hypertension
B. Amxiety
C. Peripheral Vascular disease
D. Benign Prostatic hypertrophy

540. Which one of the following drugs is not a non depolarizing competitive neuromuscular blocker ?

A. Doxacurim
B. Decamethonium
C. Rocuronium
D. Mivacurium