381. The incidence of allergy to penicillin among various population ranges from______________?

A. 1% to 10%
B. 10% to 20%
C. 20% to 30
D. 30% to 40%

382. While performing a procedure, a resident doctor injures herself with a suture needle that has been used to stitch a patient with HIV infection for 11 years. He has been complaint with therapy for several years and has recently changed tablets because of alteration in his appearance. His last CD4 count was 360 cells/mm. The doctor is offered post exposure prophylaxis. Which regimen should she take ?

A. Ziduvidine and Lamivudine
B. Ziduvidine and Lamivudine and Indivair
C. Ziduvidine and Lamivudine and Stavudine
D. Ziduvidine and Lamivudine and Abacavir

383. Tetracyclines act by__________________?

A. Inhibiting the binding of aminoacyl tRNA to the ribosomal complex
B. Inhibiting peptidyl transferase
C. Inactivating elongation factors
D. Causing misreading of mRNA

384. Which of the following is not uridopenicillin ?

A. Piperacillin
B. Mezlocillin
C. Azlocillin
D. Flucloxacillin

385. Roxithromycin is______________?

A. A long acting macrolide
B. Short action quinolone
C. Short acting macrolide
D. Long acting polypeptide

386. Not true about piperacilline is_______________?

A. Active against pseudomonas aeruginose
B. Inhibits Beta-lactamase
C. It is a ureido penicillin
D. Given parenterally

387. 1st generation cephalosporin is________________?

A. Cephadroxil
B. Cefepime
C. Cefotaxime
D. Cefoperazone

388. Which of the following is beta-lactam antibiotic ?

A. Sulphonamide
B. Carbamide
C. Cephalosporins
D. Ofloxacin

389. Mechanism of action of beta-lactam antibiotics would be______________?

A. Inhibition of bacterial protein synthesis by binding to subunit of bacterial ribosomes
B. Inhibition of cell wall peptidoglycan synthesis by competitive inhibition of transpetidases
C. Reduced drug causes strand breaks in DNA
D. Inhibition of DNA synthesis by inhibiting DNA-Dependent RNA polymerase

390. Following antimicrobials are termed as type I calcimimetics that mimic the stimulatory effect of calcium, on the calcium sensing receptor to inhibit PTH secretion by the parathyroid gland EXCEPT______________?

A. Streptomycin
B. Hamycin
C. Neomycin
D. Gentamicin