351. True about aminoglycoside is all except______________?

A. Are bacteriostatic
B. Distributed only extracellularly
C. Excreted unchanged in urine
D. Teratogenic

352. Which of the following is a first generation oral cephalosporin_____________?

A. Cephapirin
B. Cefadroxil
C. Cefaclor
D. Cefixime

353. Best treatment of candidiasis of_____________?

A. Mycostatin
B. Amphoterin
C. Antibiotics
D. None of the above

354. Cyclosporin is used an______________?

A. Anticancer drug
B. Antibiotic
C. Antiarrythmic
D. Immunosuppresant

355. Which of the following is a 4th generation cephalosporin______________?

A. Ceftrioxone
B. Cefaclor
C. Cefepime
D. Cefuroxime

356. Metronidazole______________?

A. Has no side-effects
B. Is used in management of ANUG
C. Is mainly concentrated in saliva
D. Is active against gram-positive aerobes

357. Cross resistance of isoniazid is seen with_____________?

A. Rifampicin
B. Ethionamide
C. Cycloserine
D. Ethambutol

358. The oral microblal fiora of a patient on prolonged broad spectrume antibiotic therapy is predominantly____________?

A. Anaerobic
B. Gram positive organism
C. Gram negative organisms
D. Yeast and fungi

359. True about amoxycillin in comparison to ampicillin is_______________?

A. Higher oral biovailability
B. Lower oral biovailability
C. Equal oral biovailability
D. Can be given Parenterally

360. An aminoglycoside that is often combined with polymyxin and bacitracin for the treatment of topical infection is____________?

A. Gentamycin
B. Tetracycline
C. Aztreonam
D. Neomycin

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