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81. FIGLU excretion test is to estimate deficiency of_______________?
A. Vitamin K
B. Vitamin B6
C. Vitamin folic acid
D. Niacin

82. Avidin influences which of the following vitamins ?
A. Biotin
B. Niacin
C. Thiamine
D. Phylloquinone

83. Which of the following are the sources of Vit C_________________
A. Apple
B. Fresh green vegetables
C. Citrus fruits
D. Both B and C

84. Niacin & riboflavin help in_____________?
A. Redox reactions
B. Transamination reaction
C. Methyl group transfer
D. Amine group transfer

85. Collagen formation is affected in deficiency of_____________?
A. Vit A
B. Vit C
C. Vit B2
D. Vit D

86. Angular cheilosis is frequently associated with deficiency of______________?
A. Thiamine
B. Riboflavin
C. Niacin
D. Folic acid

87. Vitamin C effects_________________?
A. Maturation of procollagen
B. Formation of osteoid matrix
C. Calcification of osteoid
D. Both A and B

88. Cereals are deficient in_____________?
A. Vitamin C
B. Vitamin B complex
C. Iron
D. Calcium

89. The vitamin K dependent proteins C and S are characterized by their ability to inactivate factor_____________?
A. VIII a and V a
C. V a
D. None of the above

90. Who is known for his work on scurvy ?
A. Fracastorius
B. James lind
C. John snow
D. Edward Jenner