351. Enzyme that catalyses the transfer of a molecule group from one molecule to another is_____________?
A. Oxidases
B. Peptidases
C. Transferases
D. LIpases

352. The activity of this plasma enzyme is responsible virtually for all plasma cholesterol esters in humans_______________?
A. Lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase (LCAT)
B. Pyrophospho mevalonate decarboxylase
C. HMG CoA reductase
D. Phospho mevalonate kinase

353. Enzymes are classified according to_________________?
A. Action on substrate
B. Action of coenzymes
C. Nature of the enzymes
D. All of the above

354. Fraction of CPK is an enzyme that is elevated in a myocardial infarct is____________________?
A. MM fraction
B. MB fraction
C. BB fraction
D. Both MM and BB fraction

355. A material that speeds up a chemical reaction without chemically becoming involved is called_____________?
A. A solvent
B. A base
C. A catalyst
D. Thermoplastic

356. Km of an enzyme is_____________?
A. Dissociation constant
B. The normal physiological substrate concentration
C. Substrate concentration at half maximal velocity
D. Numerically identical for all isozymes that catalyses a given reaction

357. Acetyl Co-A acts as a substrate for all the enzymes except______________?
A. HMG-Co A synthase
B. Malic enzyme
C. Malonyl CoA synthetase
D. Fatty acid synthetase

358. The enzyme that is specifically increased in obstructive jaundice is_____________?
A. Glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase
B. Glutamate pyruvate transaminase
C. Alkaline phosphaase
D. Acid phosphatase

359. Elevated levels of serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase in indicative of______________?
A. Deficiency of glutamic acid
B. Deficiency of oxaloacetic acid
C. Liver disease
D. All of the above

360. Muscle glycogen, which cannot contribute to blood glucose due to the absence of which enzymes ?
A. Phosphoglutamase
B. Branching enzyme
C. Debranching enzyme
D. Glucose-6-phosphotase