301. In ECF main electrolyte is_______________?
A. Na+
B. K+
C. Cl
D. Proteins

302. The most important buffer in RBC is____________?
A. O2 Hb +Na hemoglobinate
B. O2Hb +K hemoglobinate
C. H2CO3 + KHCO3

303. The major driving force for formation of membrane lipid bilayer is____________?
A. Hydrogen bonding
B. Hydrophobic interactions
C. Vander wall forces
D. Not known

304. Detoxification or protective synthesis occurs by____________?
A. Oxidation
B. Reduction
C. Conjugation
D. Any of the above

305. Detoxification of drugs is controlled by_____________?
A. Cytochrome
B. Cytochrome P450
C. Cytochrome C
D. Cytochrome A

306. Which of the following fatty acids are not syntehsised in human body_____________?
A. Oleic, linoleic and linolenic acid
B. Arachidonic, linolenic and linoleic acid
C. Palmitic Oleic and arachidonic
D. Linoleic, arachidonic and stearic acid

307. The lipoprotein particles that have the highest percentage concentration of cholesterol is_______________?
A. Chylomicron
B. VLDL (Very low density lipoprotein)
C. LDL (Low density lipoprotein)
D. HDL (High density lipoprotein)

308. Fat provides ______% of body’s calories?
A. 40%
B. 30%
C. 50%
D. 75%

309. The normal level of serum cholesterol is_______________?
A. 100-140 mgs/100 ml
B. 260-360 mgs/100 ml
C. 150-250 mgs/100 ml
D. 80-250 mgs/100 ml

310. The following is not a phospholipid______________?
A. Sphingomyelin
B. Lecithin
C. Cerebroside
D. Cephalin