1311. Denaturation of double stranded DNA involves ______.

A. It gets broken down to nucleotides
B. It becomes single stranded reversibly *
C. It becomes single stranded irreversibly

1312. Which of the following is used in recombinant DNA technology?

A. Restriction endonucleases *
C. Reverse transcriptase Fish
D. None of these

1313. Transcription is the synthesis of ______.

A. Single stranded complimentary copy of DNA *
B. Double stranded complimentary copy of DNA
C. Complimentary copy of RNA
D. Complimentary copy of rRNA.

1314. Serum creatine kinsase-3(CK-3) is elevated in ______.

A. Muscular dystrophy *
B. Myocardial infarction
C. Alcoholic cirrhosis
D. Brain tumours

1315. Ammonia produced by brain is trapped as _____.

A. Urea
B. Uric acid
C. Creatinine
D. Glutamine *

1316. The patient suffered from hypogonadism, failure to thrive, lose of taste and unable to maintain stability .This shows the deficiency of ______.

A. Zinc *
B. Chromium
C. Copper
D. Potassium

1317. The sigma subunit of prokaryotic RNA polymerase.

A. Binds the antibiotic Rifampicin
B. IS inhibited by a -amanitin
C. Specifically recognizes the promoter site *
D. Is part of the core enzyme

1318. Iron absorption is decreased in presence of all except ______.

A. Phytates
B. Ascorbic acid *
C. Tannins
D. Phosphates

1319. Normal Serum calcium level is ____.

A. 4-6mg/dl
B. 9-11mg/dl *
C. 19-21mg/dl
D. 20-30mg/dl

1320. The normal value of serum potassium level is _______.

A. 2.8-3.8meq/L
B. 3.8-5meq/L *
C. 5-5.8meq/L
D. 6-7.2meq/L