1531. Hexokinase is a :

A. Transferase *
B. Reductase
C. Oxidoreductase
D. Oxidase

1532. Enzyme + Coenzyme constitutes:

A. Apoenzyme
B. Proenzyme
C. Protoenzyme
D. Holoenzyme *

1533. The amino acid required for the synthesis of hem is :

A. Glutamine
B. Glutamic acid
C. Glycine *
D. Lysine

1534. Ubiqultin is involved in :

A. Intracellular proteolysis *
B. Electron transport chain
C. Transport of ATP
D. Protein folding

1535. Which of the following is a function of the golgi apparatus?

A. Modification of proteins *
B. m RNA synthesis
C. Protein storage
D. t RNA synthesis

1536. The most abundant protein present in body is :

A. Globulin
B. Albumin
C. Collagen *
D. Hemoglobin

1537. Oligosaccharide is :

A. Glucose
B. Gructose
C. Maltose *
D. Dextrin

1538. Synthesis of protein occurs on :

A. Mitochondria
B. Poly ribosomes *
C. Nucleus
D. Golgi bodies

1539. Bilirubin is produced from :

A. Heamoglobin
B. Myoglobin
C. Gall bladder
D. A & B *

1540. Bile contains :

A. Cholic acid
B. Chenodeoxycholic acid
C. Deoxycholic acid
D. Lithocholic acid
E. All of the above *