1251. Thyroxine and catecholarmines are derived from _____.

A. Tyrosine *
B. Tryptophan
C. Alanine
D. Lecine

1252. In Hartnup’s disease _____ is excreted in the urine?

A. Omithine
B. Glutamine
C. Tryptophan *
D. Phenylalanine

1253. Which of the following is not a part of hemoglobin molecule?

A. Pyrrole rings
B. Vinyl groups
C. Histidine
D. Ferric ions *

1254. Proteins are absorbed from GIT as ______.

A. Amino acids *
B. Peptides
C. Peptones
D. All of the above

1255. Which of the following is a precursor of protoporphyrin____.

A. Alanine
B. Leucine
C. Histidine
D. Glycine *

1256. Cytochromes are _____.

A. Pyridine necleodtides
B. Riboflavin containing nucleotides
C. Metal containing flavoproteins
D. Iron-Prophyrin proteins *

1257. Heme in haemoglobin is ______.

A. Between Helix C and D
B. Surrounded by not polar environment
C. Bonded to E7 histidine
D. Protoporophyrin IX *

1258. Which of the following is correct about breakdown of hemoglobin (HB)..

A. HB—Heme—Bilirubin—Urobilinogen
B. Heme—HB—Biliverdin—Urobilinogen
C. HB—Heme—Bilverdin—Urobilingogen *
D. HB—Heme—Bilirubin—Urobilinogen— Biliverdin

1259. Creatine is formed metabolically from ______.

A. Typtophan
B. Arginine *
C. Phenylalanine
D. Histidine

1260. Major source of ammonia in the kidney is ______.

A. Urea Aspartate
B. Aspartate
C. Glutamine
D. Glutamate *