1361. Alkaptonuria an inherited metabolic disorder is due to the deficiency of :

A. Homogentisate oxidase *
B. Cystathionase
C. Pheylalanine hydroxylase
D. Tyrosine transaminase

1362. Colloidal osmotic pressure of plasma is by :

A. Albumin *
B. Fibrinogen
C. Globulin
D. Prothrombin

1363. The daily requirement of protein for the adult is :

A. 6 grams
B. 60 grams *
C. 120 grams
D. 250 grams

1364. The fastest moving fraction of protein in serum when subjected to paper electrophoresis is:

A. Albumin *
B. Alpha 1 globulin
C. Beta Globulin
D. Gamma Globulin

1365. Most common non protein nitrogenous fraction of blood :

A. Urea
B. Uric acid
C. Urobilinogen *
D. Creatinin

1366. Proteins are linear polymers of amino acids, they fold into compact structures sometimes these folded structures associated to form homo or hetero dimers which one of the following refers to this associated form?

A. Denatured state
B. Molecular aggregation
C. Precipitation
D. Quaternary structure *

1367. The protein rich in basic amino acids ,Which function in the packaging of DNA is chromosomes is :

A. Histone *
B. Collagen
C. Hyaluronic acid binding protein
D. Fibrinogen

1368. The amino acid residue having animino side chain is :

A. Lysine
B. Histidine
C. Tyrosine
D. Proline *

1369. The primary role of chaperones is to help in :

A. Protein synthesis
B. Protein degradation
C. Protein Denaturation
D. Protein folding *

1370. Argentaffinoma is characterized by excess excretion of :

A. 5-Hydroxy indole acetate *
B. 3- Hydroxy phenyl pyruvate
C. Phenyl lactate
D. Phenyl acetate