271. Increase in lactate and pyruvate is seen in deficiency of_____________?
A. Pyridoxin
B. Niacin
C. Thiamine
D. Retinotic acid

272. The main function of HDL is____________?
A. Transport cholesterol from liver to peripheral tissues
B. Esterification with PUFA
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above

273. Acetyl CoA is produced from which fuel sources_____________?
A. Carbohydrate
B. Lipid
C. Amino acids
D. All of the above

274. The reducing equivalent for fatty acid synthesis is derived form____________?
A. Glycolysis
B. Kreb’s cycle
C. Urea cycle
D. Pentose phosphate pathway

275. Lipid is required in the average diet because it________________?
A. has a high caloric value
B. Provides essential fatty acid
C. aids in absorption of carbohydrates
D. is necessary for storage of carbohydrates

276. Fatty aids help in synthesis of all except____________?
A. Glucose
B. Cholesterol
C. Ketone bodies
D. Fat

277. The human plasma lipoprotein containing the highest percentage of triacylglycerol by weight is______________?
B. Chylomicrons

278. B-oxidation of odd-chain fatty aids produce_______________?
A. Succinyl CoA
B. Propionyl CoA
C. Acetyl CoA
D. Malonyl CoA

279. True about prostaglandins is______________?
A. Short acting
B. Present in many tissues
C. Some require C-AMP for their action
D. All are true

280. Endogenous triglycerides in plasma is maximally bound to________________?
A. Chylomicrons


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