241. Which is the poorest source of calcium among the following______________?
A. Rice
B. Human milk
C. Egg yolk
D. Cow’s milk

242. Transport form of iron is______________?
A. Transferrin
B. Ferritin
C. Apoferritin
D. Lactoferrin

243. Which of the following is the best site of absorption of calcium ?
A. Proximal segment of small intestine
B. Middle segment of small intestine
C. Ascending colon
D. Ileum

244. During phagocytosis, the metabolic process called respiratory burst involves the activation of_____________?
A. Oxidase
B. Hydrolase
C. Peroxidase
D. Dehydrogenase

245. The transmembrane adhesive molecules present in hemi desmosomes which specifically binds to basal lamina glycoprotein laminin are______________?
A. Integrin a6-B4
B. The catenins desmoplakin
C. cadherins desmoglein
D. a and B catenin

246. Under metabolic conditions associated with a high rate of fatty acid oxidation liver produces________________?
A. Glutamate
B. Acetoacetate
C. Cholesterol
D. Glycine

247. The fluid mosaic model of membrane structure was proposed by_______________?
A. Watson and Crick
B. Edwarg Angle
C. G.V Black
D. Singer and Nicolson

248. Free radicals can be inactivated by the following enzymes EXCEPT__________________?
A. Glutathione peroxidase
B. Catalase
C. Superoxide dismutase
D. Myeloperoxidase

249. The best technique useful for initial viral load estimation is________________?
A. Real time PCR
B. Widal test
C. Electrophoresis
D. Immunofluoresence

250. FSH, LH, TSH acts through_________________?
A. Cyclic AMP
B. Cyclic GMP
C. Adenosine cyclate
D. Calcium release