1071. Most basic amino acid is _____________.

A. Arginine *
B. Glutamine
C. Histidine
D. Proline

1072. The strongest bond is _______________.

A. Vanderwall’s forces
B Hydrogen Bond
C. Electrostatic Bond *
D. Hydrophobic Bond.

1073. Hormone action mediated via cGMP is____________.

A. Artial natriuretic peptide *
B. Insulin
D. Thyroxine

1074. Selenium is a cofactor for_________________.

A. Gluthathione peroxidase *
B. Gluthathione reductase
C. Glutathione dehydrogenase
D. Glutathione synthetase.

1075. NADPH is required for__________-.

A. Gluconeogenesis
B. Glycolysis
C. Fatty acid synthesis *
D. Glycogenolysis

1076. Translation occurse in _____________.

A. Nucleus
B. Ribosome *
C. Cyptoplasm
D. Mitchondria

1077. All are true of nitric oxide except____________

A. Synthesized from arginine
B. Vasodilator
C. Intracellular signal transducer
D. Tissue poison *

1078. Enzyme + Co-Enzyme constitute___________.

A. Apoenzyme
B. Proenzyme
C. Holoenzyme *
D. Protoenzyme

1079. When the prosthetic group of an enzyme is an inorganic ion it is called a _________.

A. Cofactor *
B. Co- Enzyme
C. Apoenzyme

1080. Vibrational property of protein is due to ____________.

A. Primary structure
B. Secondary structure
C. Tertiary Structure *
D. Quatenary structure