Academic tasks provide 2000+ basic and advanced level of  Biochemistry MCQs with answers and detailed explanations. In this section, we focus on all areas of MCQs on biochemistry subject and cover all important topics of biochemistry like Biomolecules, Carbohydrates, Aminocides, Proteins, Proteins function, Nucleic acids, Weak Interactions in Aqueous Systems, Ionization of Water, Weak acids & Weak Bases, Water as a Reactant, Proteoglycans, Glycoproteins and Glycolipids,  Proteoglycans, Glycoproteins and Glycolipids – and much more. All these topics are chosen from trusted and best reference books on biochemistry. These biochemistry MCQs are also helpful for the preparation of interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and certifications for all Experienced, Freshers and Students. Also, check MCQs on Medical here.

71. Vitamin associated with one carbon transfer is__________?
A. Niacin
B. Thiamine
C. Ascorbic acid
D. Folic acid

72. Average daily dose of vitamin C is____________?
A. 30 – 40 mg
B. 50 – 60 mg
C. 60 – 100 mg
D. 100 – 150 mg

73. Xerophthalmia is caused by_______________?
A. Vitamin A deficiency
B. Vitamin D deficiency
C. Vitamin C deficiency
D. Vitamin K deficiency

74. Which of the following factors delay wound healing____________?
A. Vitamin B12 deficiency
B. Ascorbic acid deficiency
C. Infection
D. B & C option

75. Ascorbic acid_____________?
A. Is a reducing agent
B. Decrease iron absorption
C. Is harmless in high doses
D. Is requirement for lysyl oxidase

76. Tocopherol is associated with____________?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin E
C. Vitamin K
D. Vitamin D

77. Sources of the nucleotide portion of NAD include__________________?
A. N-methyl nicotinamide
B. Riboflavin
D. Tryptophan

78. Consumption of raw egg white in the diet may result in the deficiency of______________?
A. Riboflavin
B. Biotin
C. Thiamine
D. Pyridoxine

79. Peripheral neuropathy due to deficiency of vitamin is seen with_______________?
A. Pyridoxine
B. Vit E
C. Vit A
D. Pantothenic acid

80. Deficiency of vitamin C causes the following except_______________?
A. Defective collagen synthesis
B. Soft swollen gums
C. Pigeon chest
D. Subcutaneous & other hemorrhage