191. Denaturation of double stranded DNA involves_______________?
A. It gets broken down to nucleotides
B. It becomes single stranded reversibly
C. It becomes single stranded irreversibly
D. It becomes double stranded irreversibly

192. Which of the following is used in recombinant DNA technology ?
A. Restriction endonucleases
C. Reverse transcriptase FISH
D. None of these

193. Transcription is the synthesis of____________?
A. Single stranded complimentary copy of DNA
B. Double stranded complimentary copy of DNA
C. Complimentary copy of RNA
D. COmplimentary copy of rRNA

194. Serum creatine kinase-3 (CK-3) is elevated in_______________?
A. Muscular dystrophy
B. Myocardial infarction
C. Alcoholic cirrhosis
D. Brain tumours

195. Ammonia produced by brain is trapped as_____________?
A. Urea
B. Uric Acid
C. Creatinine
D. Glutamine

196. The patient suffered from hypogondism, failure to thrive, lose of taste and unable to maintain stability. This shows the deficiency of_____________?
A. Zinc
B. Chromium
C. Copper
D. Potassium

197. The sigma subunit of prokaryotic RNA polymerase_______________?
A. Binds the antibiotic Rifampicin
B. Is inhibited by a-amanitin
C. Specifically recognizes the promoter site
D. Is part of the core enzyme

198. Iron absorption is decreased in presence of all except____________?
A. Phytates
B. Ascorbic acid
C. Tannins
D. Phosphates

199. Normal serum calcium level is_______________?
A. 4-6 mg/dl
B. 9-11 mg/dl
C. 19-21 mg/dl
D. 20-30 mg/dl

200. The normal value of serum potassium level is____________?
A. 2.8-3.8 meq/L
B. 3.8-5 meq/L
C. 5-5.8 meq/L
D. 6-7.2 meq/L