1261. Key enzyme in urea synthesis is ______.

A. Urease
B. Carbamyl synthetase *
C. Arginase
D. Omithine

1262. Ammonia is detoxified in liver to form .

A. Uric acid
B. Glutamine
C. Creatinine
D. Urea *

1263. A small CA+2 binding protein that modifies the acitivity of many enzymes and other proteins is response to change of Ca+2 concentration is known as ______.

A. Cycline
B. Calmodulin *
C. Collagen
D. Kinesin

1264. Decarboxylation of which of the following amino acids results in formation of a vasodilator?

A. Valine
B. Arginine
C. Histidine *
D. Glutamic acid

1265. A mutation that converts an amino acid codon to a stop codon is a ____.

A. Nonsense mutation *
B. Transversion
C. Silent Mutation
D. Frame shift mutation

1266. Histidine is converted to histamine by ______.

A. Transamination
B. Hydroxylation
C. Decarboxylation *
D. Reduction

1267. Albumin is synthesized by _____.

A. Liver *
B. Kidney
C. Muscle
D. Spleen

1268. Which of the following amino acids is quickly converted to tyrosine ?

A. Arginine
B. Glycine
C. Phenylalanine *
D. Leucine

1269. Synthesis of protein occurs on _____.

A. Mitochondria
B. Poly ribosomes *
C. Nucleus
D. Golgi Bodies

1270. Which of the following is present in the plasma but absent in the serum?

A. Albumin
B. Globulin
C. Lecithin
D. Fibrinogen *