1701. The name of the construction that makes amalgamation of RNA stop is known as the :

A. Promoter region
B. Sigma factor
C. Transcription terminator *
D. Polymerase
E. Template

1702. One code word for glutamate is GAG, and a code word for valine is GUG and the mutation in sickle cell disease is this codon, the kind of mutation is :

A. Deletion
B. Insertion
C. Nonsense mutation
D. Transition
E. Transversion *

1703. Anticodons are present on :

A. Coding strand of DNA
C. tRNA *

1704. Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between the nucleotide sequences of the template strand and the non template strand in the DNA of a gene ?

A. They are compatible with one another *
B. They are covalently attached to each other
C. The are identical to each other
D. The are parallel to each other
E. U in the coding strand is found in place of the T in the non-coding stand

1705. Which of the following is the initiating code ?

A. AUG *

1706. All of the following compounds directly provide carbon and nitrogen atoms to form purine ring except :

A. Aspartate
B. Carbamyl phosphate *
C. CO2
D. Glutamine
E. Glycine

1707. Lesch-Nyhan syndrome is due to deficiency of :

A. Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl-transferase (HGPRT) *
B. Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate (prpp) synthase
C. Carbamoyl phosphate synthase I
D. Xanthine oxidase
E. Arginase

1708. During replication, DNA fragments are sealed by :

A. DNA polymerase II
B. DNA Ligase *
C. DNA gyrase
D. DNA Topoisomerase II
E. Helicase

1709. Absolute abs cense of hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase leads to :

A. Primary gout
B. Lesh-Nyhan syndrome *
C. Orotic aciduria
D. Dwarfism
E. Immunodeficiency syndrome

1710. A patient, with classic symptoms of gouty arthritis , was treated with Allopurinol. Allopurinol inhibits the conversion of :

A. Adenine to guanine
B. Adenine to Hypoxanthine
C. Hypoxanthine to IMP
D. Hypoxanthine to Xanthine *