1091. Cofactor for transamination is ____________.

A. Pyridoxine *
B. Riboflavin
C. Thiamine
D. Niacin

1092. True of carnitine is ___________-.

A. Essential for fatty acid transport into mitchondria *
B. Helps in synthesis of saturated fatty acids.
C. Activates enzymes of fatty acid oxidation
D. All of the above

1093. Ketone bodies are utilised by all except ____________.

A. Brain *
B. Heart
C. Adrenal
D. Liver

1094. Maxmimum of phosbolipid is present in ___________.

C. HDL *
D. Chylomicron

1095. Malonate isa competitive inhibitor of ___________.

A. Malate dehydrogenase
B. Isocitrate dehydrogenase
C. Succinate dehydrogenase *
D. Fumarase

1096. Which of the following uncouples oxidative phosphorylation?

A. Copper
B. Iron
C. Calcium *
D. Zinc

1097. Maximum cholesterol concentration is in ________________.

A. LDH *
C. Chylomicron

1098. Ketonuria is usually associated with ___________________.

A. Lactic acidosis
B. Alcholic acidosis *
C. Hyprerosmolar diabetic coma
D. Respoiratory Acidosis.

1099. All are present in ganglioside except _____.

A. Long chain fatty acid
B. Glucose
C. Sialic acid
D. Phosphate *

1100. Activation of HMG COA reductase is inhibited in___________.

B. Hypotheyrodism
C. Starvation *
D. Hypercholesterolemia (Familial)

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