321. To keep blood PH at 7.4 the HCO3 : H2CO3 ratio should be_____________?
A. 20 : 1
B. 30 : 1
C. 15 : 1
D. 1 : 1

322. Normal blood PH is______________?
A. 6.8 – 7.0
B. 7.0 – 7.12
C. 7.38 – 7.4
D. 7.7 – 8.0

323. Which of the following about biological membrane is true ?
A. Lipid moiety is amphipathic
B. Rigid assembly of protein, lipid and carbohydrate
C. Symmertrical bi leaflet structures
D. Lipid and protein moiety are held by covalent interactions

324. In Cytochrome p450, P stands for____________?
A. Structural proteins
B. Substrate protiens
C. Pigment
D. Polymer

325. Which of the following is false about starvation ketoacidosis ?
A. Metabolic acidosis
B. Smell of acetone in breath
C. Benedict’s test +ve
D. Rothera’s test is +ve

326. A relatively component of the electron transporting respiratory chain is_____________?
A. Flavoprotein
B. Cytochrome Cl
C. Ubiquinone
D. Cytochrome A

327. During phagocytosis the metabolic process called respiratory burst involves activation of_____________?
A. Oxidase
B. Hydrolase
C. Peroxidase
D. Dehydrogenase

328. Which of these organelle functions as the digestive system of the cell ?
A. Mitochondria
B. Rough endoplasmic reticulum
C. Golgi apparatus
D. Lysomes

329. Which one of the following human tissues contains the greatest amount of body glycogen ?
A. Liver
B. Kidney
C. Skeletal muscle
D. Cardiac muscle

330. Which of the following is inclusion of cytoplasm ?
A. Endoplasmic reticulum
B. Ribosome
C. Golgi body
D. Glycogen