881. Selenium is an essential component of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase which
A. scavenges toxic hydoperoxycompounds in tissues
B. reduces toxic hydoperoxycompounds in tissues
C. oxidizes toxic hydoperoxycompounds in tissues
D. none of the above

882. Who discovered vitamin C (ascorbic acid)?
A. Paul Berg
B. Linus Pauling
C. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
D. Kerry Mull is

883. Molar absorbtivities of compounds exhibiting charge transfer absorption are
A. small
B. moderate
C. large
D. none of these

884. Molar absorbtivity is the measure of the
A. amount of light absorbed per unit length
B. amount of light absorbed per unit concentration
C. amount of light reflected and absorbed per unit concentration
D. None of the above

885. Which of the following relationships between absorbance and %transmittance is incorrect?
A. A = log10 100 / %T
B. A = 2 – log10 %T
C. A = log10 1 / T
D. All are correct

886.Why is it generally preferable to use absorbance as a measure of absorption rather than % transmittance?
A. Because %T cannot be measured as accurately as absorbance
B. Because %T is dependant on the power of the incident radiation
C. Because absorbance is proportional to the concentration of the analyte, whereas %T is not
D. none of the above

887. In the past, IR spectra had to be aquired one wavelength at a time, which took a long time. Today quick spectra is due to the
A. the Fourier Transfer Algorithm allows us to scan all frequencies at once
B. light is faster today that it used to be
C. absence of broad spectrum of wavelenth
D. none of the above

888. Which of the following is not an IR vibrational mode?
A. Stretching
B. Scissoring
C. Rocking
D. Rolling

889. Which of the following will oscillate the fastest?
A. A large mass on a weak spring
B. A large mass on a stiff spring
C. A small mass on a stiff spring
D. A small mass on a weak spring

890. In the equation, A = εbc, what quantity is represented by “ε”?
A. Absorbtivity
B. Molar absorbtivity
C. Path length
D. None of these