381. The combination of main supporting enzyme is called______________?
A. Apoenzyme
B. Coenzyme
C. Holoenzyme
D. Constitutive enzyme

382. Which of the following is a membrane bound enzyme that catalyzes the formation of cyclic AMP from ATP ?
A. Tyrosine kinase
B. Polymerase
C. ATP synthase
D. Adenylate cyclase

383. An example of layses is_____________?
A. Glutamine synthetase
B. Fumarase
C. Cholinesterase
D. Amylase

384. An enzyme that makes a double stranded DNA copy from a single stranded RNA template molecule is known as____________?
A. DNA polymerase
B. RNA polymerase
C. Reverse transcriptase
D. Phospho kinase

385. The enzymes that catalyses the same reaction but differ in physical properties are called as_____________?
A. Pro enzyme
B. Iso enzyme
C. Co-enzyme
D. Holoenzyme

386. In mycocarrdial infarction the first enzyme to rise____________?
D. Amylase

387. Enzymes involved in degradation of epinephrine_____________?
A. Cholinesterase
B. Anticholinesterases
C. Catechol 0-transferase
D. Oxidases

388. Muscle glycogen cannot contribute directly to blood glucose level because___________?
A. Muscle lacks glucose 6 phosphatase
B. Muscle lacks phospho gluco isomerase
C. Absence of glucokinase
D. Muscle does not contain glycogen phosphorylase

389. The main site of fluoride inhibition in the Embden Meyerhof pathway of acid____________?
A. ATPase
B. Enolase
C. Pyruvate Kinase
D. Fructose 6 phosphatase

390. Enzymes help by____________?
A. Lowering the activation energy
B. Increasing the substrate concentration
C. Decreasing the surface tension
D. Increasing the activation energy