171. Which base is not found in DNA________________?
A. Adenine
B. Guanine
C. Cytosine
D. Uracil

172. In the body, metabolism of 10 g of protein would produce approximately____________?
A. 1 Kcal
B. 41 Kcal
C. 410 Kcal
D. 4100 Kcal

173. Alkaptonuria an inherited metabolic disorder is due to the deficiency of____________?
A. Homogentisate oxidase
B. Cystathionase
C. Pheylalanine hydroxylase
D. Tyrosine transaminase

174. Colloidal osmotic pressure of plasma is by___________?
A. Albumin
B. Fibrinogen
C. Globulin
D. Prothrombin

175. The daily requirement of protein for the adults is_________________?
A. 6 gms
B. 60 gms
C. 120 gms
D. 250 gms

176. The fastest moving fraction of protein in serum When subjected to paper electrophoresis is_____________?
A. Albumin
B. Alpha 1 globulin
C. Beta Globulin
D. Gamma Globulin

177. Most common non protein nitrogenous fraction of blood_____________?
A. Urea
B. Uric acid
C. Urobilinogen
D. Creatinin

178. Proteins are linear polymers of amino acids, They fold into compact structures Sometimes these folded structures associate to form homo or hetero dimers Which one of the following refers to this associated form ?
A. Denatured state
B. Molecular aggregation
C. Precipitation
D. Quaternary structure

179. The protein rich in basic amino acids, which functions in the packaging of DNA is chromosomes is______________?
A. Histone
B. Collagen
C. Hyaluronic acid binding protein
D. Fibrinogen

180. Which of the following is not a post transcriptional modification of RNA ?
A. Splicing
B. 5′ capping
C. 3′ polyadenylation
D. Glycosylation