741. Genes which need to be coordinately regulated but are not in operons may be regulated by
A. common transcription factor binding domains
B. TATA boxes
C. CAAT regions
D. GC regions

742. What are genes?
A. The functional unit of inheritance
B. A fragment of DNA
C. A portion of a chromosome
D. All of the above

743. Which of the following is not a transcription factor?
A. Helix-turn-helix proteins
B. Zinc finger proteins
C. Leucine zipper proteins
D. Steroid hormones

744. Sex determination in Drosophila involves
A. alternate splicing
B. methylation
C. gene amplification
D. none of these

745. Enhancers differ from promoters in that
A. they initiate transcription
B. they are adjacent to the start codon
C. their orientation can be inverted without effect
D. they are restricted to a specific gene

746. Methylated gene are
A. active
B. silent
C. dynamic
D. either (a) or (b)

747. Which of the following occur in the presence of glucose?
A. lac Z gene expression is increased
B. cAMP increases
C. Binding of CAP-cAMP complex to the promoter area decreases
D. none of the above

748. Sex hormones activate transcription of specific genes by
A. binding to a transcription factor
B. binding to RNA polymerase
C. binding to DNA enhancer region
D. binding to DNA promoter region

749. The lac operon is translated into __________ proteins.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

750. In the presence of tryptophan in the cell, the repressor is __________
A. bound to tryptophan
B. bound to DNA
C. bound to both DNA and tryptophan
D. bound to neither tryptophan nor DNA