1021. Weak acids generally have pKa
A. values less than 1
B. pKa values greater than 2
C. been seldom found in living systems
D. that cannot be used to buffer

1022. The reason that fats contain more energy than simple sugars, is fats have many more
A. carbon atoms
B. hydrogen atoms
C. covalent bonds
D. hydrogen bonds

1023. The Enzyme glukokinase is a ___________.

A. Transferase *
B. Isomerase
C. Oxido redutase
D. Hydrolase

1024. The integral membrance glycophorin of human RBC is__________.

A. Ankyrin
B. Spectrin
C. Glycophorin *
D. Porin

1025. The amino acid whose ionisation is maximum effected by changes in local micro enviroment is_____________.

A. Glycine
B. Histidine *
C. Aspartic acid
D. Glutamic acid

1026. Tripple helix is seen in _____________.

A. Fibrinogen
B. Collagen *
C. Histones

1027. Apoprotein in HDL is mainly________________.

A. B100
B. B48
C. A1 *
D. C1

1028. Malate shuttle is necessary for_________________.

A. Gluconeogenesis *
B. Pentose Phosphate pathway
C. EM Pathway
D. NADH transport into mitochondria

1029. Endogenous trighyceride carrier in plasma is __________.

A. Chylomoicron

1030. Okazaki pieces are involved in _______________.

A. DNA replication *
B. Translation
C. Transcription
D. Protein Synthesis