1711. Which of the following enzymes is a DNA- dependent RNA polymerase ?

A. DNA ligase
B. Primase *
C. DNA polymerase III
D. DNA polymerase I
E. Reverse transcriptase

1712. The enzyme responsible for the synthesis of mRNAs in eukaryotic cells is :

A. RNA Polymerase I
B. RNA polymerase II *
C. RNA polymerase III
D. RNA polymerase Alpha
E. Telomerase

1713. Which amino acid provides major portion of the purine ring :

A. Glutamine
B. Asparate
C. Glycine *
D. Glutamic acid
E. Aspargine

1714. Disease Xeroderma pigmentosum is due to deficiency of :

A. Excission Exonuclease
B. DNA ligase
C. DNA polymerase I
D. UV specific Endonucleases *
E. Primase

1715. Which one of the following is initiation codon ?

A. AUG *

1716. The enzyme responsible for the synthesis of RNA primer in eukaryotes is :

A. DNA polymerase Alpha *
B. DNA polymerase Beta
C. DNA polymerase Gama
D. Topoisomerase
E. None of the above

1717. The segment of the DNA molecule where messenger RNA synthesis begins is called the :

A. Promoter region *
B. Sigma factor
C. Transcription terminator
D. Polymerase
E. Template

1718. dUMP is converted into TMP by :

A. Carboxylation
B. Deamination
C. Decarboxylation
D. Hydroxylation
E. Methylation *

1719. Ribonucleotide of RNA primer are replaced by deoxyribonucleotides by the enzyme :

A. DNA polymerase I *
B. DNA polymerase II
C. DNA polymerase III
D. RNA-polymerase -I
E. RNA-polymerase- II

1720. Several combine immunodeficiency disease (SCID) results from deficiency of :

A. Adenosine kinase
B. Adenosine deaminase *
C. Adenine phosphoriboysl transferase
E. Purine nucleoside reductase