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61. Vitamin C is present in largest amount in the body in____________?
A. Eye
B. Kidneys
C. Testes
D. Adrenal cortex

62. Tryptophan load test helps in the evaluation of deficiency of the vitamin______________?
A. Folic acid
B. Niacinamide
C. Pyridoxine
D. Cyano cobolamine

63. Which vitamin is related to a co-factor in glycine metabolism is______________?
A. Vit E
B. Folic acid
C. Thiamine
D. Cobalamine

64. Two Vitamin whose derivatives are involved in transformation of serine to glycine are_____________?
A. B6 ad B12
B. B12 and nicotinamie
C. Folic acid and B6
D. Folic acid and B12

65. The mineral having sparing action on Vitamin E_______________?
A. Chromium
B. Iron
C. Iodine
D. Selenium

66. 1st clinical sign of vitamin A deficiency is_____________?
A. night blindness
B. bitot’s spots
C. xerostomia
D. conjunctival xeroses

67. The amino acid from which niacin synthesized is_______________?
A. Tyrosine
B. Tryptophan
C. Threonine
D. Histidine

68. Coenzyme A contains which of the following vitamins_______________?
A. Biotin
B. Pyridoxine
C. Pantothenic acid
D. Niacin

69. Which of the following is the poorest source of vitamin C ?
A. Milk
B. Cabbage
C. Guava
D. Radish

70. Pernicious anaemia occurs in___________?
A. Vit B1 deficiency
B. Vit B12 deficiency
C. Vit C deficiency
D. Vit D deficiency