1441. Vitamine D :

A. Absorption requires bile pigments
B. Synthesis is regulated at the reaction catalyzed by 15 Hydroxylase
C. Deficiency on adults leads to rickets
D. Along with PTH. increases calcium resorption from bone *

1442. Thiamine deficiency causes decreased energy production because :

A. It is required for the process of transmination
B. It is co-factor in oxidative reduction
C. It is co-enzyme for transketolase in pentose phosphate pathway
D. It is co-enzyme for pyruvate dehydrogenase *

1443. One molecule of B- Carotene gives rise to :

A. 1 units of Vitamin A
B. 2 units of Vitmain A *
C. 3 units of Vitamin A
D. 4 units of Vitamin A

1444. The maximum content of Vitamin E is found in :

A. Cold liver oil
B. Fish liver oil
C. Wheat germ oil *
D. Liver

1445. Vitamin A :

A. Is water soluble
B. Deficiency causes impaired vision *
C. Maintains normal plasma calcium leveles
D. Is required for formation of clotting factors.

1446. Vitamin B12 acts aas acoenzyme to which one of the following enzyme ?

A. Isocitrate dehyrogenase
B. Homocyteine methyl transferase *
C. Glycogen sythase
D. G-6 P dehyrogenase

1447. Deficiency of vitamin C causes the following except :

A. Painful swollen gums
B. Abnormal collagen
C. Anaemia
D. Diarrhoea *

1448. Vitamin B12 is absorbed in the _____.

A. Stomach
B. Terminal Ileum *
C. Lower Jejunum
D. Proximal Ileum

1449. Coenzyme forms are correctly matched except :

A. Biotin-Carboxylated biotin
B. Vitamin B – ATP *
C. Niacin- NAD+NADP
D. Vitmain B2- FMN+FAC

1450. Vitamin K dependent clotting factors are:

D. X
E. All of the above *