1481. Mutation in the oxidative enzymes (peroxisomes) could lead to ______.

A. Zellwegers’s syndrome *
B. Gaucher’s Disease
C. Epidermolysis bullosa
D. Leber’s neuropathy

1482. Cofactor rquired for lipoprotein lipase activity is .

A. Apo A-II
B. Apo C-II *
C. Apo C-II
D. Apo B-II

1483. Inactive precursors of enzymes are known as:

A. Apoenzymes
B. Coenzymes
C. Proenzymes *
D. Holoenzymes

1484. Iron is present in all of the following except :

A. Myoglobin
B. Cytochrome
C. Catalase
D. Pyruvate kinase *

1485. Enzymes stored in muscle is :

A. Alkaline phosphatase
D. CPK *

1486. Lactate dehydrogenase is :

A. Isozyme *
B. Coenzyme
C. Antienzyme
D. Zymogen

1487. The combination of main supporting enzyme is called :

A. Apoenzyme
B. Coenzyme
C. Holoenzyme *
D. Constitute enzyme

1488. Which of the following is a membrane bound enzymesthat catalyzes the formation of cyclic AMP from ATP?

A. Tyrosine kinase
B. Polymerase
C. ATP Synthase
D. Adenylate cyclase *

1489. An example of layses is :

A. Glutamine synthetase
B. Fumarase *
C. Cholinesterase
D. Amylase

1490. An enzyme that makes a double stranded DNA copy from a single stranded RNA template molecule is known as :

A. DNA Polymerase
B. RNA Polymerase
C. Reverse Transcriptase *
D. Phospho kinase