1491. The enzymes that catalyses the same reaction but differ in physical properties are called as :

A. Pro Enzyme
B. Iso Enzyme *
C. Co-Enzyme
D. Holo Enzyme

1492. Deficiency of which vitamin causes glossitis dementia roughed keratolic areas on skin and gastrointestinal symptoms?

A. Riboflavin
B. Pyridoxine
C. Niacin *
D. Panthothenic acid

1493. In mycocarrdial infarction the first enzyme to rise .

A. CPK *
D. Amylase

1494. Enzymes invovled in degradation of epinephrine.

A. Cholinesterase
B. Anticholinesterases
C. Catechol O-Transferase *
D. Oxidases

1495. Muscle glycogen cannot contributes directly to blood glucose level because :

A. Muscle lacks glucose 6 phosphatase *
B. Muscle lacks phospho gluco isomerase
C. Absence of glucokinase
D. Muscle does not contain glycogen phosphorylase

1496. The main site of fluoride inhibition in the embden meyerhof pathway of acid :

A. ATPase
B. Enolase *
C. Pyruvate kinase
D. Fructose 6 Phosphatase

1497. Enzymes help by:

A. Lowering the activation energy *
B. Increasing the substrate concentration
C. Decreasing the surface tension
D. Increasing the activation energy

1498. The activity of the following enzyme is affected by biotin deficiency :

A. Transketolase
B. Dehydrogenase
C. Oxidase
D. Carboxylase *

1499. The defeciency of thiamine can be identified by measuring the red cell:

A. Transketolase *
B. Transaldolase
C. Alpha ketoglutarate dehydrogenase
D. Pyruvate dehydrogenase

1500. Competitive enzyme inhibition will cause :

A. Decrease of KM and increase of VMAX
B. Increase of KM and increase of VMAX
c. Decrease of KM and decrease of VMAX
D. Increase of KM and unchanged of VMAX *