1461. Manganese is a key component of all of the following enzymes except:

A. Arginase
B. Pyruvate carboxylase
C. Ceruloplasmin *
D. Mn-Superoxide dismutase

1462. Which trace mineral is a component of the enzyme that activates vitamin A in the eye?

A. Zinc *
B. Iron
C. Iodine
D. Chromium

1463. Rhodopsin deficiency is chiefly associated with :

A. Vitamin D deficiency
B. Rickets
C. Vitamin A deficiency *
D. Scurvy

1464. Vitamin K:

A. Helps in formation of prothrombin *
B. Inhibition of antithrombin
C. Prevention of capillary fragility
D. Stimulation of hematopoiesis in red bone marrow

1465. Vitamin K antagonizes:

A. Corticosteroids
B. Thrombin formation
C. Bishhydroxy coumarin *
D. Production of clotting factors by liver

1466. In vitamin A deficiency , Patient complains of all of the following except:

A. Night blindness
B. Xeropthalmia
C. Keratosis
D. Phosphoric calciuria *

1467. The vitamin that facilitates iron absorption :

A. Folic acid
B. Ascorbic acid *
C. Biotin
D. Para amino benzoic acid

1468. Active form of vitamin D in kidney is :

A. 1 Dihydroxy cholecalciferol
B. 25 Hydroxy cholecalciferol
C. 1.25 Dihydroxy cholecalciferol *
D. 7 Dihydroxy calciferol

1469. Deficiency of Vitamin A causes the following except :

A. Night Blindness
B. Comal Dryness
C. Bitot’s Spots
D. Myopia *

1470. Fast soluble vitamins are :

A. A,B,D,K
B. A,D,E,K *
C. A,B,E,K
D. A,C,E,K