1291. The fuel value of fat is _____.

A. 4
B. 7
C. 9 *
D. 5

1292. Heme is converted to bilirubin mainly in .

A. Kidney
B. Liver
C. Spleen *
D. Bone marrow

1293. In molecular cloning ,Blue with screening is used for .

A. To screen for recombinant vectors
B. To detect gene mutations
C. To locate the desired DNA insert in chromosomes in plasmid vectors *
D. To detect host DNA in situ.

1294. Glucose 6 phosphatase deficiency is seen in ______.

A. Pumper’s disease
B. Von Gierke’s disease *
C. Macardles syndrome
D. Down syndrome

1295. Which of the following is most important content of diet?

A. Protein
B. Water
C. Vitamin
D. Minerals *

1296. In all the following RNA participates directly except .

A. Post translation modification *
B. Post transcriptional modification
C. DNA replication
D. Splicing

1297. Normal level of serum phosphorous is _____.

A. 2.5-4.5 mgm% *
B. 7-9 mgm%
C. 40-50 mgm%
D. 1-2 mgm%

1298. Inside the cell, the substance, which contributes to most of the osmolality is .

A. Protein
B. Potassium *
C. Urea
D. Phosphate

1299. Daily requirement of iron in man is _____.

A. 1gm
B. 10microgram
C. 10mg *
D. 20mg

1300. In humand body which of the following trace element is next to iron.

A. Ca++
B. Zn++ *
C. Cu++
D. Selenium