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121. Argentaffinoma is characterized by excess excretion of_____________?
A. 5- Hydroxy indole acetate
B. 3- Hydroxy phenyl pyruvate
C. Phenyl lactate
D. Phenyl acetate

122. Urea is formed in_____________?
A. Brain
B. Kidney
C. Liver
D. Intestine

123. The following is not a carrier protein________________?
A. Cerruloplasmin
B. Transferrin
C. Transcobalamine
D. Haptoglobulin

124. False statement about haemoglobin structure________________?
A. Hb has 2 polypeptide chains
B. Iron is present in ferrous state
C. Hb structurally similar to myoglobin
D. Ferrous ions are in porphyrin rings

125. At PH 7 the binding of 2,3 DPG to hemoglobin occurs at which site ?
A. Sulphydryl group
B. Carboxy terminal
C. Amino terminal
D. Histidine

126. Iron is complexed in haemoglobin to_______________?
A. Leucine
B. Histidine
C. Isoleucine
D. Valine

127. Urea is produced by the enzyme_____________?
A. Urease
B. Uricase
C. Arginase
D. Glutaminase

128. Urinary protein is detected by______________?
A. Barfoed test
B. Hay’s test
C. Boiling test
D. Ehrlich’s test

129. Which is the by product of the urea cycle_______________?
A. Aspartate
B. Succinate
C. Ornithine
D. Fumarate

130. Amino acids excreted in the urine in cystinosis______________?
A. Cystine
B. Ornithine
C. Arginine
D. Lysine
E. All of the above