591. Which of those immunoglobulin classes is mainly found in external secretions?
A. Ig A
B. Ig D
C. Ig M
D. IgE

592. Cleavage of an IgG molecule by a specific protease can produce
A. an antigen-binding site and two constant regions
B. two heavy chain-light chain dimers
C. an inactive mixture of oligopeptides
D. two Fab fragments and one Fc fragment

593. Papain digest IgG into
A. two Fab fragments and one Fc fragment
B. three Fab fragments and two Fc fragments
C. two Fab fragments and two Fc fragments
D. three Fab fragments and three Fc fragments

594. Antibodies can be used
A. for the localization of proteins in the cell
B. for protein purification
C. to catalyze chemical reactions
D. all of the above

595. Type A blood
A. can be used to donate to type AB individuals
B. can be used to donate to type B individuals
C. contains type B antigens on the surface of red blood cells
D. can always be used to donate to an Rh+ individual

596. Which of the following are responsible for immune specificity?
A. Antigens
B. Antibodies
C. T lymphocytes
D. Macrophage

597. Which species lack immunoglobulin light chains?
A. Camels
B. Humans
C. cows
D. Buffalo

598. Monoclonal refers to
A. a single clone of antibody-producing cells
B. all the antibody molecules which are identical
C. the binding with same antigenic site with identical binding affinities
D. all of the above

599. β-Lymphocytes are often called simply
A. B cells
B. T cells
C. T Lymphocytes
D. none of these

600. IgE provides
A. immunity against some parasites
B. complement killings of the cells and phagocytosis
C. secretions in the body
D. all of the above

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