1521. Enzymes are classified according to :

A. Action on susbstrate *
B. Action of coenzymes
C. Nature of the enzymes
D. All of the above

1522. Fraction of CPK is an enzyme that is elevated in a myocardial infarct is :

A. MM Fraction
B. MB Fraction *
C. BB Fraction
D. Both MM and BB fraction

1523. A Material that speeds up a chemical reaction without chemically becoming invovled is called :

A. A Solvent
B. A base
C. A Catalyst *
D. Thermoplastic

1524. KM of an enzyme is :

A. Dissociation constant
B. The normal physiological substrate concentration
C. Substrate concentration at half maximal velocity *
D. Numberically identical for all isozymes that catalyses a given reaction

1525. Acetyl Co-A acts as a substrate for all the enzymes except:

A. HMG-Co A synthase
B. Malic enzyme *
C. Malonyl CoA Synthetase
D. Fatty acid synthetase

1526. The enzyme that is specifically increased in obstrutive jaundice is :

A. Glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase
B. Glutamate pyruvate transminase
C. Alkaline phosphatase *
D. Acid Phosphatase

1527. Elevated levels of serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase in indicative of :

A. Deficiency of glutamic acid
B. Deficiency of oxaloacetic acid
C. Liver disease *
D. All of the above

1528. Muscle glycogen which cannot contribute to blood glucose due to the absence of which enzymes ?

A. Phosphoglutamase
B. Branching enzyme
C. Debranchig enzyme
D. Glucose 6 phosphotase *

1529. Micaelis-Mentin hypothesis states that :

A. Rate of enzymatic reaction is independent of susbtrate concentration
B. Rate of non enzymatic reaction is proportional to substrate concentraion
C. KM is the enzyme substrate complex association constant
D. Enzyme -Substrate complex formation is essential in enzymatic reaction *

1530. Co-Enzyme responsible for single carbon transfer is :

A. Acetyl co enzyme A
B. Biotin
C. THF4 *
D. Pyridoxine