1271. The amino acid from which niacin is sythesized is _____.

A. Tyrosine
B. Theronine
C. Tryptophan *
D. Histidine

1272. The amino acid which is used is the estimation of collagen is _______.

A. Hydroxyproline *
B. Proline
C. Lysine
D. Glycine

1273. Hydroxylation of proline require the following except _.

A. Fe+2
B. O2
C. Ascrobic acid
D. Succinate *

1274. The process by which a base sequence of messenger RNA is synthesized (By a RNA polymerase) on a template of complementary DNA is called _____.

A. Transcription *
B. Transduction
C. Translation
D. Translocation

1275. The Major fuel for the brain after several weeds of starvation.

A. Glucose
B. Fatty acid
C. Beta hydroxy butyrate *
D. Glycerol

1276. Non essential amino acids are not _____.

A. Used by the body
B. Forming part of the proteins
C. Required in the diet *
D. Absorbed i the intestine

1277. The following is false about tryptophan.

A. Non essential amino acid *
B. Involved in serotonin synthesis
C. Involved in niacin synthesis
D. Involved in melatonin in synthesis

1278. Which of the following amino acid is involved in gluconeogenesis .

A. Glycine
B. Valine
C. Cysteline
D. All of these *

1279. All are components of basement membrane except .

A. Nidogen
B. Laminin
C. Eutactin
D. Rhodopsin *

1280. A patient of type 2 diabetes mellitus is given nutrition rich in .

A. Proteins
B. Carbohydrates
C. Fat
D. Fibre rich diet *