1041. Raised urine uronic acid is indicative of _____.

A. Maple syrup urine disease
B. Tyrosinemia
C. Mucopoly saccharidoses *
D. Cushing’s Disease

1042. All the following are gluconeogenic except____________.

A. Alanine
B. Glycerol
C. Acetoacetate *
D. Lactate

1043. Restriction endouclease cleaves

A. Double Stranded DNA *
B. Single Stranded DNA
C. Single Stranded RNA
D. Polypeptide

1044. During prolonged fasting ,Major fued for brain is ____________

A. Glucose
B. Lactic acid
C. Betahydroxy butyrate *
D. Ghycerol

1045. DNA Fragments are separated by _______________.

A. Cenrifugation
B. Paper Chromatograply
C. Agarsoe gel electrophoresis *
D. Southern bolt

1046. Guanidino acetat is converted to ___________.

A. Creatinine
B. Creatine Phosphate *
C. Choline
D. Hydroxyproline

1047. Aldose sugar is converted to ketose sugar by______________.

A. Aldolase
B. Isomerase *
C. Oxydoreductase
D. Decarboxylase

1048. Norepinephrine is converted to epinephrine by _____

A. Dopa hydroxylase
B. Dopa decarboxylase
C. O methylation
D. N methylation *

1049. First committed step in glycolysis is ___________.

A. Hexokinase *
B. Glucokinase
C. Phosphofrctokinase
D. Aldolase

1050. Unwinding of DNA is done by_____________.

A. DNA ase
B. Topoisomerase *
C. Ligase
D. Reverse transcriptase