1591. Transgenic plants are produced when foreign genes are introduced into :

A. Mature plant embryo
B. Immature plant embryo *
C. Roots
D. Leaves

1592. A sequence of four to six nucleotide arranged symmertically in reverse order at a specific site on a chromosome is :

A. Palindromic sequence *
B. Gene sequence
C. Recombinant DNA tehcnique
D. None of these

1593. How many restriction enzymes are used frequenctly in reombinant DNA technology?

A. 20 *
B. 200
C. 400
D. 4000

1594. The most commonly used restriction enzyme that cuts double-stranded DNA when it has the sequence base at the cleavage site is :

A. Plasmi
B. Eco R1 *
C. Vector
D. DNA Ligase

1595. Extra chromosomal circular DNA molecule that carry genes for antibiotic resistance and fertility are :

A. Vectors
B. Plasmids *
C. Prions
D. Virions

1596. The plasmid having antibiotic resistance gene for tetracycline is :

A. Eco R1
B. pSC 101 *
C. pBR 322
D. aSC 231

1597. For preparation of a recombinant DNA the plasmid is cut :

A. By using reverse transcriptase
B. With the same enzyme used for the isolation of gene of interest *
C. With the help of DNA Ligase
D. By using RNA polymerases

1598. Location of probe can be determined since a problem is :

A. Radioactive
B. Flourescent
C. Hybridized
D. Both A & B *

1599. A single gene or smaller piece of DNA among all the human genes can be amplified (copied) by using:

A. Electrophoresis
B. DNA recombinant technique
C. Transcription
D. Polymerase chain reaction*

1600. DNA Polymerase :

A. Starts replication process
B. Only continues of extends the replication process *
C. Starts and then continues the replication process
D. Starts as well as stops the process