1601. DNA polymerase is commonly known as :

A. Chimaeric DNA
B. Taq Polymerase *
C. Pallindromic DNA
D. All these

1602. The enzyme that seals the foreign piece of DNA into the vector is :

A. Restriction endonuclease
B. Restriction enzyme
C. Reverse transcriptase
D. DNA ligase*

1603. An antibody made by soyabeans can be used to treat :

A. Herpes zoster
B. Sickle cell anemia
C. Measles
D. Genital herpes *

1604. One of the following is not necessary to produce recombinant DNA :

A. Gene of interest to be cloned
B. A vector on which gene of interest could be placed
C. An expression system into which the gene of interest may be introduced *
D. None of these

1605. Protoplasts are plant cells from which :

A. Cell walls are removed *
B. Nucleus is removed
C. New organelles are added
D. Vacuoles are taken out

1606. A wed engineered to produce a biodegradable in cell granules is :

A. Mouse -cat cress
B. Mouse weed
C. Mouse -eared cress *
D. None of these

1607. The name ” restriction endonucleases : is because :

A. They restrict the growth of viruses *
B. They restrict their action to a particular gene only
C. These are used by bacteria for protection against viruses
D. They are used to chemically synthesized genes

1608. Human Genome is _________ times larger than any other genome sequenced so far :

A. 45
B. 35
C. 25 *
D. 15

1609. Organisms that have had a foreign gene inserted into them are :

A. Transformed organisms
B. Transgenic organisms *
C. Transfigured organisms
D. Recombinant organisms

1610. Genes can be isolated from the chromosomes by cutting the chromosomes on the flanking sites of the gene using :

A. Polymerase chain reaction
B. Restriction endonucleases *
C. Recombinant DNA technology
D. Gene cloning