1451. The reaction inhibited in thiamine deficiency is :

A. Pyruvate to acetyl COA *
B. Citrate to Alpha ketoglutarte
C. Succinyl CoA to fumarate
D. None of the above

1452. Vitamin K deficiency is indicated by :

A. Low Platelet count
B. Increased prothrombin time *
C. Decreased prothrombin time
D. None of the above

1453. Mineral present in Vitamin B12 is :

A. Selenium
B. Cobalt *
C. Iron
D. Calcium

1454. Absorption of Vitamin K requires normal absorption of :

A. Fat *
B. Amino Acids
C. Calcium
D. Glucose

1455. The 3- D’s dermatitis, diarrhoea and dementia are seen in deficiency of :

A. Thiamin
B. Riboflavin
C. Niacin *
D. Pyridoxine

1456. The Function of Vitamin A is/are related to which of the following ?

A. Retinol
B. Retinal
C. Retinoic acid
D. All of these *

1457. Daily Vitamin A intake :

A. 1000 I.U
B. 2000 I.U
C. 3000 I.U
D. 4000 I.U *

1458. Scurvy is the result of deficiency of :

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin C *
C. Vitamin B
D. Vitamin D

1459. Deficiency of nicotinic acid results in :

A. Beri-Beri
B. Pellagra *
C. Night blindnes
D. Pernicious anemia

1460. In Humans and other primates as well as in guinea pigs, this vitamin cannot be synthesized because of the absence of the enzyme L-gulonolactone oxidase: the vitamin is :

A. Pantothenic acid
B. Nicotinic acid
C. Ascorbic Acid *
B. Folic acid